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2010: A big year for UFOs?

December 28, 2010Comments No comments

Lee Spiegel over at AolNews has published a recap of the UFO year 2010. His verdict? 2010 has been a big year for UFOs. I can only agree. Read on for some of the most interesting UFO happenings from the past year.

The UFO year began in January with a mysterious missile over Newfoundland, Canada. In the UK, the Royal Society met to discuss if extraterrestrials are here on Earth.

In February we saw yet another batch of UFO files being released by the UK Ministry of Defence.

March was pretty quiet UFO wise. One notable sighting was the now famous UFO filmed over Mahmutlar, Turkey, that in the end was probably planet Venus.

Back in April, anthropology professor Philip Haseley in New York made a statement saying that UFOs should be studied at university. Stephen Hawking warned us of the danger of speaking to aliens.

In May, we had the governor of Russia’s Buddhist republic, Kalmykia, telling us he was abducted by aliens in 1997.

Summer came and in June, Mario Borghezio, leader of the Italian Northern League party, submitted an official request urging all 27 EU member governments to disclose their UFO files.

And then in July, an unidentified flying object shut down the Xiaoshan airport in China.

In August, we learned that British prime minister Winston Churchill believed UFOs to be real and of extraterrestrial origin and that Elvis was obsessed with UFOs.

September brought us more reports of UFOs shutting down airports in China. Several former Air Force officers told us that UFOs have been tampering with U.S. nuclear missiles for nearly 60 years. English newspaper The Sunday Times published an article claiming that Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman was to be appointed First Ambassador for alien contact by the United Nations.

In October, we had the mass sightings over Manhattan, New York, that in the end turned out to be balloons. A few days later U.S. Army parachute team The Golden Nights were misidentified as alien visitors over El Paso, Texas. We also learned about UFO drills in UK schools being used as a tool to spark children’s imaginations and help improve their reading and writing skills.

November saw triangle shaped UFOs over the UK and a mysterious contrail off the coast of California. WikiLeaks announced that they would soon release the embassy cables, sparking debate about whether they might contain UFO references.

Which brings us to December, when Julian Assange said that yet-to-be-published embassy cables indeed contained references to UFOs, something that The Guardian later denied. UFO hacker Gary McKinnon was still fighting his extradiction to the U.S. and New Zealand made their UFO files available to the public.

Add to all this the ever increasing UFO sightings and reports and we can indeed say that this was a big year for UFOs. Now let’s hope for a more tangible disclosure in 2011!

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