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The Guardian puts WikiLeaks UFO rumors to rest?

December 17, 2010Comments No comments

Update: Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten did find references to UFOs in the embassy cable archive.)

British newspaper The Guardian has recently been publishing blog posts under the title You ask, we search, asking its readers what they want the newspaper to search for in the WikiLeaks cables.

The Guardian is one of the newspapers said to have complete access to the whole cable archive.

Today’s post start off with this note:

Despite what Julian Assange said in an online Q&A, there are no references to aliens in the cables. We searched for aliens and UFOs (“visitors” and “non-terrestrial officers” too, thanks, UFO-minded readers) without finding anyway. Assange may have been having fun.

This is certainly a bummer, but hopefully not the last word on WikiLeaks and UFOs.

(Source: The Guardian)

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