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UFO(s) reported over Phoenix on July 5, 2013

July 6, 2013Comments 11 comments
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Sighting date: July 5, 2013 Location: Phoenix


bright light in sky just sitting still.. then it moved right to left and shot straight down like a comet… the planes hit the sky almost immediately after and circled the area for almost a half hour… went back outside and seen a bright flash where I seen the strange light fall then heard a boom then the flash turned green and I heard two loud booms.. planes were still circling at the time

Submitted by Anonymous.

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  1. I saw the bright light too this evening over Phoenix around 8:25. The bright light looked like it skipped horizontally then abruptly shot down (I agree, it did look like a comet), stopped, skipped a little horizontally, then shot down abruptly again; disappeared, then within a couple of seconds re-appeared.

  2. I saw the light too. At first I thought it was a shooting star but it went different directions. I was in scottsdale by happy valley rd. at the time.

  3. I saw this exact same object going back and forth in the sky. I was heading down Scottsdale Rd in N. Scottsdale at the time. Object was traveling in almost a circular pattern horizontally in the sky, then shot straight down out of sight. I observed it for about 10 seconds, but my sister following me a minute away also observed it for what she said was aprox 30 seconds, confirming the motion.

  4. My sons and nephew saw it too. Driving in north Scottsdale. They say it was an orange ball with a tail, like a comet falling down and disappeared. They are sure it was something strange.

  5. My girlfriend and I were on the loop 101 in Scottsdale and witnessed a large meteoroid looking object falling through the sky like a shooting star. The object passed through the cloud cover toward the city then made a sudden turn laterally and flew around at a high rate of speed. We then lost site of it because of an overpass and it vanished. It was large, my girlfriend and I were frightened it would touch down in the city.

  6. Did anyone ever hear what this was, or know of a website where it was reported??? I saw it from Scottsdale, really strange. Had a really long bright tail, moved back and forth, rose and fell, really strange.

  7. I also witnessed strange lights on July 5th, 2013. An orange light traveling from approximately SSE straight across the sky heading on a straight path NNW. It did not flash but flared at times. Planes were also in the sky and this object looked much different. I showed many people in my apartment complex and some dismissed it but some also found to be quite strange. The object kept heading on a straight path until it eventually fizzled out. What I found to be quite odd is that I continued to watch the sky and about 10 minutes later another light with the same characteristics appeared from the same part of the sky and traveled the same path. This one fizzled out a little bit earlier. I notified more people who then witnessed a third light coming from the same place heading same direction. This was also about 10 minutes after the second light. This light fizzled out a bit earlier than the second. Very odd indeed.

  8. I saw it too moved left and right look like a comet. Was with family driving to pool. Think oh s a big comet sceptic in me says maybe an rc plane with a flare. But no major media coverage means could have been visitors with out visas.

  9. We saw it too – description exact – glad to know others
    Saw it also

  10. Check this out… this is pretty much what I saw, except only one instead of three fireballs. Maybe this is what everyone saw too?

  11. I have seen this light regularly over the past couple weeks always near the same spot, basically around 101/n. scottsdale rd. between 10pm – midnight or later. From a distance, I have seen it move across the valley from east to west at a very high speed and then completely stop and hover. I have been writing it off as a weather balloon or a large construction crane, but last night it was floating completely still near the whole foods at 101/scottsdale, with 1 or 2 helicopters flying by it/near it apparently checking it out. I lost sight of it for about a minute as I exited the highway and went to park in the parking lot and look up at it, but it was gone when I got out of my car. The helicopters were flying north and south along scottsdale road and east and west on Frank Lloyd Wright, seemingly searching for something. This is at least the 5th time I have seen this light, but this was the first time I seen it fairly close. It was completely still and was larger than the helicopter with larger lights, and not the standard flashing lights you see on planes/helicopters. I had been writing it off before last night, and never tried to get close, but now if I see it I will try to get close and take a picture or video.

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