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UFO(s) reported over Western Australia on January 11, 2013

April 24, 2013Comments One comment
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Sighting date: January 11, 2013 Location: Western Australia


My family and I were on a trip to the state of Western Australia in January this year (2013). We had driven for several days from Melbourne, and one of our stops was in a small town just over the border of Western Australia. Later that evening at the camp site, just after 9pm,I was standing outside, a few meters away from our caravan where the rest of my family were asleep, with my phone using a star map to look at the constellations. I remember it was a very clear night with no clouds, buildings or airports for kilometers. On the star map, I was facing north east. I was holding my phone above my head so I could track what was on the screen to what was in the sky. I looked away from my phone, and in the sky directly above me, two rows consisting of about 3 blue, white and red coloured lights running parallel blinked in and out and moved across the sky in an easterly (left to right) direction until the lights morphed into only one row and flattened out to be horizontal, which spun and blinked in and out of view and then looked as though it did a hook turn and was coming straight for me before a tree blocked view and the object disappeared.It looked as though it got bigger when it was heading in my direction. It had been so real that I screamed and started crying. I ran straight back to our caravan and woke up my parents. It had been a solid shape because the outline had been clearly visible and the stars had been blocked. It couldn’t have been an airplane because it was completely silent and completely disappeared from view. It was also to large to be an airplane,and also had too many lights. My first thought in that moment of shock was that it had been some kid playing with a toy UFO,then it registered to me what I had just seen. I’m not sure if there is any other explanation to what I saw, but I believe it had been a UFO.

Submitted by Anonymous.

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One comment

  1. Ok if you want to see some unreal strange phenomenon & of course some objects of unkown origin then go to youtube & type in the following ‘ufo-onvi-ring & strange phenomenon’ & the first bit & the last bit are real eye poppers!

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