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UFO(s) reported over Cranbourne on April 17, 2013

April 18, 2013Comments 3 comments
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Sighting date: April 17, 2013 Location: Cranbourne


Objects with bright lights above in close proximity.
We saw these above whilst driving.
We pulled over and watched, within 5-10 minutes they dissapeared.
There were multiple objects in a triangle form.
We could see about 13 of these objects all close to each
other just hovering and some of these objects
were brighter then others. Some had very dim lights
but the shape was still visible!

Submitted by Frank.

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  1. I actually saw the objects in the sky as well around 10.00 pm. Shocked at what I had seen I called my family over and than I started recording it on my iphone. There is a very weak but still clear video on my iphone.

    • Wow I would love to see it!
      We also took a photo however I couldn’t upload it from the iPad so I emailed them separately!
      The photo is quite clear too.

      What area were you in when you the objects?

  2. I would happilybupload the video once I find out how to mute it. Ppl talking in the background in persian is sort of annoying

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