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UFO(s) reported over Vancouver on January 24, 2013

January 25, 2013Comments 3 comments
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Sighting date: January 24, 2013 Location: Vancouver


Many lights in the sky @ 6 pm to the east, looking like meteors falling over the ocean. No sound, visible maybe 10-20 s . Anyone else see them?

Submitted by Mary C.

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  1. January 28 th red light in sky thought it was a plane at first. Then moved back and fourth got bigger smaller looked like Venus. But definaty moved . I was near kits beack looking west out on ocean. I took video but looks like star on my cell.

    • Hey, thanks for chiming in Mike. That’s the thing isn’t it – you see something out of the ordinary, but you know that any video or photo you take of it just won’t do the sighting justice.

    • I live in kits, I saw one last night. At first I thought it was a plane too. It was bright orange, kinda like three dots, with a ring around it. It was moving very slowly, kind of hovering. It got really small really fast, then turned into a black circle and moved straight down until I couldn’t see it anymore.

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