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UFO(s) reported over Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia on March 27, 2013

March 27, 2013Comments No comments
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Sighting date: March 27, 2013 Location: Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia


This morning (27 March 2013) at 7.18AM, I saw what looked like a large, bright star in the sky. It had rays of light emanating from it. I didn’t think it was an airplane because it was not moving. I rushed inside to get my camera, took some photos and just as quickly the shining object disappeared. I was surprised when I saw the images on my computer, because I could then see a rough spherical object with light around it. The image I have submitted is the original, however a close-up reveals that the object has some kind of swirl within it.


Submitted by Anonymous.

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