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Jim Penniston to release the rest of the binary code

January 20, 2011Comments 9 comments

Jim Penniston has made a statement on his Facebook page about the Rendlesham incident and the binary codes. Together with John Burroughs, he has decided to release the rest of the code:

For John and I have went back and forth with the release of the final pages. We will release them, and let the public can do what they want with them… for I believe they can only benefit us and the other decipher will mean nothing to others.

The codes were given to me in a format that they knew could be deciphered. And they also knew when they should be deciphered. So your seven, eight, nine or whatever bit, does not matter. We must quit thinking inside the box and we need to think outside of it for the answers. For yesterday is tomorrow.

Read the full statement at the Bentwaters 1980 website.

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  1. I wish this guy would go away, this is getting ridiculous.

    • Complete nonsense this binary code. It only shows his ignorance in regards digital communications.

  2. I hope this is either resolved or let it go and live with it and accept the situation as it is.

  3. I am watching a documentary on the Rendlesham incident from the early 2000′s and Jim is showing his notebook to Gumbel. At no time does he talk about or show any of this binary bs.

    Way to go Jim! You freaking liar.

  4. I wish this guy would shut up. My father is the most skeptical person you could hope to meet, in all matters. I was telling him about Rendlesham forest, I had his interest. Now this binary garbage has come out, he is more skeptical than ever about people that pursue the UFO phenomena. I now believe they are being paid off to wreck the credibility of the UFO movement. I hope he was well paid…he has done a stirling job of making a lot of people look like idiots.

  5. This guy is such a fraud!…. I believe in et’s and such… But this goof is adding to his story constantly… He is a FRAUD!!!!

  6. It’s easy to determine if the notebook is “authentic” or not. Simply date the notebook the same way other items are dated rather than resort to “oh he’s a fraud” bullshit comments. It’s a good thing none of you are scientists. You get nothing done nor would you discover anything of any worth since you work on assumptions rather than facts. Ink can be dated based on it’s decay rate and chemical make up, as can the decay rate of paper and it’s chemical make up. I guess this “second release” never happened?

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