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UFO sighting of orange balls of light over Hampstead Heath, UK

September 12, 2012Comments 2 comments

An orange, luminous UFO was seen floating over Hampstead Heath in London, UK on September 9, 2012 at around 20-21:00. According to the eyewitness, the UFO could be seen for 20 minutes, and during this time it suddenly disappeared only to reappear and multiply to six balls.

I was looking out of my window which is behind Hampstead Heath, and above in the the sky was at first one ball of orange light! I was trying to work out if it was a plane, but it disappeared right before my eyes, then it reappeared but this time there were, about 5 or 6 orange balls of light that were moving in what looked an organized movement.

Then I see an actual plane coming towards the light and it went right over the the top of the light so the orange Ball was Not a plane because it would of crashed it was that close! Then a helicopter came and was hovering around the area of the lights as if it was watching the orange things. But they just kept moving in the sky and then they literally just vanished!

Never seen anything like that in my life! (This went on for about 20 minutes) …….I don’t seek these kind of things out or have ever been bothered about UFO’s but I know for sure that what I saw, was not of this world!

Now, one can’t help but wonder — might there be a video of this strange object? Something like this, especially with the involvement of a helicopter, wouldn’t go unnoticed, would it?

(Via Ham & High, UK UFO Sightings)

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  1. I might have seen a similar thing. On it being noticed or not, I have seen celebrities walking around without anybody noticing. My boyfriend was savagely attacked by a group of people in Leicester sq without anyone stepping in or it making the news. These things happen so suddenly and not for a long time. Also people who report it doubt themselves for a long time before they eventually report it, only to be ridiculed in many cases. Also people are so busy with their own lives. Also when I saw the orange light, you could easily have mistaken it for a star or plane and maybe it was a meteor or satellite or something. But it moved very differently.

    • I saw these UFO’s on 2 separate nights. On the first night I saw a bright orange light in the sky coming towards me. At first I thought it was an airplane but it looked kinda different from other planes I had seen in the sky that night, so I then assumed it was a satellite. I watched the orange light and as it got closer towards me, it stopped and was stationary in the sky right above where I was standing. I thought to myself, this is very strange. The object was circular like an orange disk, it made no sound and after a minute or so, it slowly started moving away again and then the object just suddenly vanished. I went back to the same spot the second night on Hampstead Heath to see if I’d see it again. I saw the orange light again this time their was a blue light flying with the orange light, again their was no sound. I’ve not seen anymore since.

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