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Dozens of red/orange lights reported in the skies over West Virgina and Michigan

September 17, 2012Comments 16 comments

On September 15, 2012, the following sighting was reported through our UFO sightings report form by an anonymous reader. The sighting took place on September 7, 2012, and involved 20 to 25 circular lights that could be seen in the skies over Martinsburg, West Virginia.

This image was attached to the report as an example of the sighting.

It was about 20 to 25 round circles heading in the same direction at a slow speed. I was getting on 81 heading to winchester va when i saw this and had to stop.

Tried to get footage but only had phone and it was at a distance. like small orbs orange color at a steady flow same direction. just like attached but more.

Now, one day later, on September 16, 2012, a similar sighting was reported to MUFON, but this time from Lacey, Michigan.

I was driving home, headed east, around 8:40pm when I noticed red lights in the sky to the north. At first I thought it was a tower nearby, but remembered it has only one light. When I got to a clearing I saw over 35 red lights, ascending upward and heading west. they seemed to be close together.

I couldn’t tell if there were any formations as i was trying to get a picture. I didnt hear any sound coming from them. I wondered if they could be chinese lanterns, but thought that would be an awful lot. I didn’t see any smoke, but it was dark. And I didn’t see anything fall to the ground. They slowly disappeared as i watched, but not all at once. And they seemed to all be going to the same place.

The following, rather intriguing, photo was attached to the MUFON report:

Of course, these sightings may not be related, but it’s hard not to play with the idea that they might be. Recently, there have been several reports of floating orange lights where eyewitnesses swear they have seen something that can’t be explained as lanterns. Then, of course, the question becomes — what are they?

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  1. we were at greenies and saw these strange lights

  2. I filmed the same things over London on 14th September 2012 at roughly 2.30am local time

    or link

    • Thanks for the link Marie! Must’ve been pretty awesome to see them like that.

  3. Last night, Nov 17, 2012 at 10:45pm in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada my husband and I spotted approx 20 orange lights flying over our home ..what could they be…we cant be the only people who saw this last night

  4. Exactly same thing here in Oakville, Ontario last night (Monday November 19, 2012) at 7:50 pm. Orange lights, maybe 20 or so, moving slowly, each one just disappeared slowly, one at a time. Lasted for about 5 minutes from the time we first saw it.

  5. My daughter and I just saw almost the exact the same thing that DJ described!!!! (8:29 p.m., November 20, 2012 ) We’re in Ann Arbor MI. The sky was very dark with high cloud cover that you could more sense than see. The lights weren’t bright enough for either of our cell phones to pick up. We were so frustrated that we couldn’t capture any images or video… We were trying to describe it…it almost looked like floating ash does…but there was a set of lights – oval shaped and darker black in the center than the sky around them…they kept formation as they moved slowly upward. Then there were many other independently moving single slow-moving lights, some preceding the multiple light formation and some following it. The single lights disappeared one by one behind the cloud cover. Formation lights disappeared pretty much simultaneously. It took about 7 or 8 minutes.

    Thank you so much for posting…we thought we were going crazy.

    • We saw it too, around 7:54 p.m. on Nov. 20, 212;it was something so big, approximately 10 football fields over Washtenaw Ave. going northwest over Ann Arbor, MI. Cars were stopping on Washtenaw and Huron Parkway, drivers were getting out of their cars to look and take pictures. There was no sound and it was moving with what might be called “grace,” slowly and majestically. I took a picture of it and in zoom mode it shows intricate colorful cubic patterns and designs. Thanks for posting!

  6. Saw the exact same shape , we were at disneyland anaheim calif tonight. A whole crowd of people saw the same thing. A triangle shpe of about eight spheres broke off from the other group and moved off and disappeared. The other group disappeared about another 3 minutes. At first they looked like the small dipper then chsnged shapes looking the the second photo snake shaped formstion until the triangle seperated from the group. Around 7:30pm tonight.

  7. Ann Arbor, MI. Nov. 20th, aprox. 8:30 pm. A group of my friends lit and launched about 30 paper lanterns as a memorial for our pastor. Those were the Orange, red, yellow, green and blue lights you saw. They were beautiful from our viewpoint. Sorry for freaking any of you out…

  8. Last night around 6.45 we seen the orange and red orbs…DEC 25 2012… I VIDEO one of them… There were 6..

  9. My wife called me outside to look at these same weird orange red lights. @ 10PM 12/31/2012 one group was farther to the north two other groups were closer together. They all merged together than just went POOF. This was in Aloha, Oregon. Looking to the east from our back yard.

  10. I just saw the exact same thing driving on rt 7 west towards Winchester, va. We came over the hill and saw an array of red lights which we thought looked like a string of radio tower lights but then when we got closer they looked like stars or suspended fireworks light. We took a back road to get a better look but when we turned the corner they had dissipated and only three were left and moving slowly east and then faded out completely. Was unable to get a picture though.

    • Holy Shit we saw the same thing! My wife and I left our house and drove to Food Lion off on Senseny Rd in Winchester, VA and saw about 15-20 red lights in the sky. At first we thought if was either the radio tower lights or ashes from fireworks. We went into Food Lion and came out and they were still there. We then drove home to get binoculars, and they were gone. What the hell are these things?????

  11. We saw the same lights last night! I have video


    I saw them on a road trip out west when we were staying in Ann Arbor at my cousins house. Before I could get the camera out there was about 20 of them. They moved around forming different triangles until they slowly disapated. I zoomed in to see them up close in my editing program and they have multi-colored patterns and strange blinking properties. Freaked me out, definitely not lanterns I have done a lot of research since.

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