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Overly symmetrical lights tell us the Jerusalem UFO is a hoax

February 5, 2011Comments 3 comments

Is this anomaly the last nail in the coffin of the Jerusalem UFO, and has it been staring us in the face all along? Look at the lights to the left at the very beginning of the first video — they are extremely symmetrical, almost to the point of having been mirrored or cloned.

Is there any city landmark or building whose lights exhibit this kind of symmetry?

Unfortunately, no.

There is, however, another explanation that is currently making its way around the web — the mirror effect above is commonly seen when visual effects software like Adobe After Effects is used to add fake camera shake to a video.

In this particular case, it looks like the hoaxers have used After Effects’ Motion Tile plug-in with the Mirror Edges setting enabled, which produces exactly the kind of anomaly that we can see around the edges in the video. See this video tutorial to learn how Adobe After Effects is used to create fake camera shake in this way.

This short video shows the mirroring effect we’re seeing in the Jerusalem UFO video:

This is the smoking gun folks — the Jerusalem UFO sighting is a hoax.

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  1. The maker of Temple Mount video has admitted that his video is a hoax to the Israeli channel 2 news.

  2. Was never really sold nor felt all-in on this video. Couldn’t see any sense for the rocket type of trajectory, nor am I impressed by the mixing of UFO’s with any sort of biblical or Christian narrative associated with it. Likewise, if your UFO video title includes words like Opus Dei or Illuminati then forget about it, I’m not even interested in having a peek.

    • Indeed. My personal pet peeve is the idea that UFOs/UAP are manifestations of demons or angels.

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