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Proof: 3rd video of Jerusalem UFO is a fake

January 31, 2011Comments 24 comments

Update Feb. 1: Before you send off that angry email — No, I am not saying that the whole sighting is a hoax, only that the third video is clearly a fake. At this moment, I believe there’s no conclusive proof that the first and second video are hoaxes.

The third video of the UFO over Jerusalem (link) is clearly a hoax. Why? Check this out.

This is a still frame from the video at the 0:13 mark.

Now, compare the above image to this image from Wikimedia (link).

The hoaxers have used the above Wikimedia image as the background in the video. Every little detail is the same.

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  1. Why is this a hoax? because the shot was taken from a famous tourist location? You can clearly hear several hilly billy accent US people talking in the background. so you know its a tourist location. Most likely from a balcony.Now this being said, the images DO seem to be almost identical. NOT conclusive though….

    • Almost identical is an understatement. The lens flares are identical, all the light sources, even the smallest dots of light, are in exactly the same location. The angle of the photo and the alleged video footage is a 100% match. It’s the same image.

      The more interesting question here is whether the person(s) behind the latest video is also behind the first and second video.

    • The biggest red-flag in the third video for me is when the camera zooms in, you can see pixels as if they are recording picture on a computer screen or tv, and the object could be a light refecting off the screen. But the first two I think deserve much more attention, they might be some of the best footage ever.

    • Conclusive enough for me. There cannot be two images that correlate so perfectly unless they are copies of the same image. The contrast is different but it is the same shot.

    • Theses 2 pictures seem to be the same. Can anyone explain something though.In the fake one. The barrel (bottom left)or what ever has a slight curve and no shadow on the wall.Also the 3 posts standing up at the far left bottom are positioned different.Thanks Dan.Mabye image blur but if its a copy which everything else looks the same. Why these 2 sections different?

      • I see what you mean, and I think it’s because of the panning effect used to simulate camera movement and shake. The image becomes stretched and distorted in some parts due to this.

  2. Fake as hell. The voices are all cut together and stereotypical.. their reaction times are completely unnatural. Plus it just doesn’t even look remotely realistic, come on guys. The digitally animated ball of light has no effect on its surroundings.. no shadows whatsoever. How could anyone take this seriously

  3. Good work John – I don’t think it’s the same people. The first two, or at least the first one, were of pretty high quality compared to this. I think someone hastily put it together in order to make the first two seem more credible (or vice versa), and have done exactly the opposite.

    Still find it funny no one has covered this, maybe they are scared off by the cranks at AllNewsWeb being the ones to first put it out there.

    Also, off this specific topic, but cool vid of an event in Utah that was covered by the local news a couple days ago (this isn’t the news footage, this came out subsequently but is higher quality than what ran on the news) –

    • Hey, thanks for the link to the Utah footage Gil, hadn’t seen that particular one. Interesting stuff.

      I agree it’s strange that no one has covered the Jerusalem UFO yet. But as you say, ANW is certainly a turn off, or maybe everyone’s busy covering the Egypt situation.

    • I cant believe these were taken seriously at all. The 2nd video is a graded version of the first one. You can even see the “witness” standing to the right of the frame. Someone playing with a pirate version of After Effects is my guess. Not a professional.

      This sort of thing really bothers me and just upsets the whole seriousness of these sightings.

      Bad work guys. You’re heaping nobody! And making yourselves look like fools.

      • Don’t agree. The first two are different source material.

  4. This ‘video’ is made by a “debunker” to take down the credibility of the first 2 real video’s. If UFOeyes does so little research to even mention this how can one take all of it’s information serious.

    • This ‘video’ is made by a “debunker” to take down the credibility of the first 2 real video’s.

      Well, do you have any real info on this, beyond speculation?

  5. Have y’all seen the 4th video?

  6. In the first two and the fourth videos if you pay close attention you can see the light makes a slight lateral move after it descends. 3rd vid it’s stationary. Interestingly it happened in Utah just hours before

  7. I’m not entirely convinced the third is a fake. Take the wikipedia image scale it and overlay it on top of the video. It doesn’t entirely match up. All the perpective of the lines toward the left building are angled slightly different. Like somebody else said, this is probably a common tourist spot so strong similarities are very probable, like the viewing angle and the same lights that never change. As far as the tourist that speaks, I don’t really think that alone is reason enough to rule this out.

    • If there are no credible eye wtnesses. In which alot of people live there. The the video is fake for sure.

  8. 3rd vid is DEF fake I just proved it with 2 min in Photoshop. The ‘still’ photo is not exactly the same as the vid image because the still image we see posted here has not been 2 dimensionally distorted. ie distorted by means other than camera lens distortion. Or it was distorted from being re-photographed off center and at an angle.

    I deliberately distorted the still to match the vid image which suggests to me that the ‘vid image’ was a manipulated version of the still image in either photoshop or similar imaging/editing software.

    Blurring and re-grading the colour, and adjusting contrast was a 20 sec job.

    They line up perfectly after all that.. down to the tiniest detail!

    I’d stake my career on it and I do this for a living. I’d like for this to be real, but vid 3 at least is definitely a fake!

  9. I completely agree the third video discussed here is a fake – outside of the fact that the view represented is a *perfect* match for the photo mentioned here, you’ll also notice that the “UFO” doesn’t doesn’t cast light on the dome, and the distinctive “double-flash” immediately before the object zooms away in the other videos is missing.

    The forth video is quite compelling – the light cast on the dome seems quite accurate with the slight drifting of the UFO… and is synchs with the third video quite well. Unfortunatley, the third video shows possible evidence of “mirroring: on the left edge when the camera is panned up to follow the UFO… so what to make of it all?

  10. At this point all the evidence has been manufactured. Haha!!

    This project seems explanatory but it’s a little early?

    I wouldn’t commit acts of sorcery above that temple though. BAD IDEA.

  11. This thread does not seem to be that active. Oh well.

    I wonder if this event where not an indicator of Archangel Metatron or Michael.

    Artists seems to be intuitive about these things that’s why I like scanning random art.

    This article was written last year.

    Michael stopped abraham from offering his son to God.

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