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Latest news on the Jerusalem UFO

February 3, 2011Comments No comments

Are we seeing the beginning of the end for the Jerusalem UFO? Rumor has it that the person behind the first video has admitted it’s a hoax to Israeli Channel 2, at least if you are to believe one commenter at the Israeli newspaper Maariv’s website.

At the same time, the story is starting to get some mainstream coverage, with both FOX News and CBS News reporting on the UFO.

And the real or hoax debate continues unabated. Is the background in the first and second video as fake as the image used in the third video? Is there something fishy about the zoom and camera shake in the 4th video? Or is the seemingly duplicated audio track conclusive proof of fakery?

Some are convinced the videos have been properly debunked, while others claim further analysis is needed.

It has also been pointed out that we could be witnessing a well orchestrated viral campaign for one of the many UFO/alien movies premiering later this year, like Battle: Los Angeles, Apollo 18, or Area 51.

Or are the videos simply the work of a bunch of film school students showing off their skills?

Either way, the jury seems to be out still.

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