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Did anyone else see the Jerusalem UFO besides the videographers?

February 4, 2011Comments 3 comments

That’s the question, and we don’t have a good answer.

According to one Israeli website,, at least a few other persons saw the phenomenon. What follows is an edited Google translate version of a forum thread, so, well, you know…

For what it’s worth, Rafi275 says:

I was in Jerusalem on the date in question with another 3 people saw the same thing just from somewhere else (we did not get to see the flash, but certainly the object red lights.)

To tell the truth
I did not believe in aliens
I’m religious and wrote here and the message just because my friend referred me here (after we saw the video)

People who wrote videos are fake:
If Photoshop is just a hobby, then that’s fine.
But if this profession, I do not think you have a bright future ….. Don’t let anyone hoax, it’s real to report – c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y true.
I do not know if it is aliens or a new plane, I can assure you that the clips are real.

When confronted with the fact that local news reports label the UFO as a hoax, he continues:

I do not care what the guy who uploaded the video said, and I do not care what they said in the news

I know what I and 2 friends we saw with our eyes (the same thing exactly, especially the red lights and white light before it went down [when it was down we did not see it because we were in a lower position compared to those who took the video])

Believe, don’t believe I really do not care
Those who want to know we were in the park which is located between King George Street and Manasseh ben Israel

In my opinion it is some new unmanned aerial vehicle not tell us about it
That could be unleashed a kind of lighting bomb (white light) and the red lights of the drone.
Not everything is straight aliens aliens

Although there is no mention in the Bible aliens (does not say that exist and it doesn’t say it doesn’t) but probably not aliens.

He is then presented with the fact that there seems to be inconsistencies between the first and the fourth video:

I wrote from the very beginning we have not seen this thing when he was close to the Golden Dome (at first he was very high in the sky and everyone saw)
It was also seen in the sky we saw what we saw, Say what you want
The red lights also seen
All Jerusalem talking about it and you think you invented the wheel here

In any case I think it’s a secret tool of the IDF’s no such thing as aliens and all that crap.

So yeah. This is information in its raw form and I realize it might mean nothing. Just throwing it out there in lack of better data.

(courtesy of ATS userĀ haketem)

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  1. This whole load of crap makes me very angry. The video was such an amateur bedroom filmmaker piece of rubbish and the whole world is lapping it up. I think these guys were paid by the studio to increase the audience size of the two or three UFO-nut blockbusters that are about to be released by Hollywood and the Military Industrial complex. It just ruins actual sightings and serious research in my opinion.

  2. Although i’m not saying all ufo recordings are fake;

    This is how this particular HOAX is created :

    Check out the books
    -”Ra material” by (google: ‘law of one pdf version’)
    -”Children of the law of one” by Jon Peniel,
    if your interested in genuine ufo related information.

    Kind regards

  3. @ Rafi275 Is there a site on the internet, or a report somewhere that witnesses are using to report seeing something that night?

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