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Daylight UFO sighting over city of Pelileo, Ecuador

September 4, 2012Comments 2 comments
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This footage was recorded on August 19, 2012, in the city of Pelileo, Ecuador at around 16:30 (4:30pm). Says the eyewitness:

Recorded Sunday, August 19, 2012 in the city of Pelileo – Ecuador, at 16 h 33 while driving my car. Look at the end when the UFO on the right which is next to the tree disappears in the air. I certify that this video is 100% original and may be subject to any kind of test or study.

The footage is quite shaky, so here’s a stabilized version of the video:

Original video:

What could be pulling off these maneuvers? Kites?

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  1. Hello UFOEYES & staff .

    A friend of ours just sent me your sight to view and I must say I enjoy the different UFO encounters people are now seeing all over the world , and I Love Crop formations . I had an encounter in the summer of 1972 just 20 miles out of Sudbury Ontario Canada where the wife and have been living for the last 40 years , the encounter happened two years before i got married I went to a show with a Lady friend on Saturday night and we where going to go parking that never came to be .
    We were driving down a gravel road and as we came over the top we saw a Light going off and on none stop ,and when i came to a stop we where at a gravel pit as I saw two cement trucks and the gate was open ;the light was flashing right over the tree tops and i said to my Lady friend this has to be a UFO !!?? ; so as i was walking i had to stop every time the Light went off as it was pitch black outside and there was no moon that night . To make a long story short when i got to the edge of the pit the Light was a good 1500 ft or so away from me going off none stop , there was no sound of power coming from the Light and there was no wind and it was like i was standing in a vortex . I thought to myself is this a illusion !!! so i closed my eyes for a bit and when i opened my eyes the Light was still going off and on none stop . This Light was shining pure white and it went into a half a rainbow up in the night sky a good 200 or so feet , I was standing in the white Light that was all around my body and i had no fear at all . It was’et till 2007 when i had a reading done and I asked the man….could you ask your guides what on earth did i see that night???…. he said yes it was a UFO and they had to ramp down the energy to i would not get hert as they were grounding energy big time . After that encounter i became a UFO researcher as a hobby for the last 40 or so years now and I have only had this computer for a year and a half ,as I am a late Baby Boomer coming on line.

    2012 is a year where people worldwide will be seeing many consciousness identity shifts , and as you know time has been accelerating really fast as my 2012 is now past the half way point ; when we leave 3D and head into 5D human evolution will be having contact with our star beings and over all culture well be changed for ever as we know it By for now and You do have a cool sight I must say .Yours Most truly Lorne Johnson or ET as my email states .

    • Many thanks Lorne for taking the time to share your sighting. By the sound of it, you had a pretty mind-boggling experience!

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