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Luminous daylight UFO seen over Seminole, Oklahoma

September 9, 2012Comments No comments
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This footage shows a bright stationary object which suddenly starts moving and descending behind a tree. The UFO was seen over Seminole, Oklahoma in early September. The video includes reference footage of both airplanes and a drone. The object starts descending at around 3:00.

Says the eyewitness:

My husband and I were sitting on the front porch when two military planes flying East caught my eye. At the same time a drone was cruising under the planes and heading North. I turned to the West and saw a different plane with smoke trailing it, then a bit more to the North of that a stationary object which started moving and descending behind a tree!!!!

It’s obvious that this is a bright glowing formation of light!! I have no idea what this was but at this point nothing is unbelievable to us!

Any ideas?

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