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Three UFOs photographed over mountain Machapuchare, Nepal

September 11, 2012Comments 4 comments

This photograph of three UFOs in formation over mountain Machapuchare in Nepal was submitted to MUFON on September 10, 2012. It was taken early morning on March 3, 2007 by a French mountaineer, who has this to say about the sighting:

i didn’t see the formation of three flying object, i didn’t hear any noise, and i can expect the movement of the object was fast enough that it disappeared the time i had finished to take the picture because when i removed my eyes from the screen of the camera, i didn’t see anything around the mountain. so i cannot say if it was moving or not, neither the direction or speed or size. i just saw it when i watched my pictures on a hd screen. i just find the perfect formation in triangle really weird, and we speak about nepal, there is not a big air traffic there.

Close-up of the UFOs over Machapuchare, Nepal

What’s your thoughts on this one?

(Via MUFON – original photo)

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  1. Hey guys sorry to blow the story, but im from pokhara and those three objects are actually micro lights, basically motorised hang gliders with a cockpit, and backj then there were only 3 of them here and now we have 4. they regularly fly to macchapuchare with tourists, as the mountain is 28 km in air distance. sorry to screw this story up. but guess what i saw and didnt phtograph a shapeshifting ufo today. i was just in awe the whole time.

  2. Gliders at that height????can gliders fly at the height of planes

  3. hey frens i am also from pokhara ufo at pokhara is fake story that three objects are only flying gliders they always fly in pokhara sky this pic is only for fun.

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