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Pyramid-shaped UFO photographed over Cambridge, Ontario

May 7, 2012Comments No comments

A couple from Cambridge, Ontario reports photographing a pyramid-shaped UFO moving rapidly over the city around a cloud cover on May 3, 2012. This is from the MUFON UFO sightings database:

My husband called me outside to look at the pending storm clouds coming in. (I’m a weather enthusiast–I love storms) I decided to shoot some pics with an Olympus C-60 (just a pointnshoot, nothing fancy)

We didn’t see or hear anything strange until I uploaded the photos to my PC. Neither my husband nor I saw or heard anything unusual at the time of the photo. One image had the above capture. I inverted the photos in photoshop CS5 and enlarged the area in question.

I have probably taken 5-10,000 photos with this camera and have never seen anything like this. I can identify camera malfunctions/glitches that would cause anomalies. The trail behind the object would indicate that there was motion and I believe the object may have been flying too fast to see with the naked eye.

Any ideas what this could be? Weather balloon?


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