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Three UFOs photographed from plane somewhere over the Middle East

September 24, 2012Comments No comments

A recent report to MUFON includes a rather interesting photo of what appears to be three balls of light flying above the cloud line. The photo was taken somewhere over the Middle East by a passenger enroute from Dubai to London on September 19, 2012.

I was flying from Dubai to london, 2 or 3 hours into the flight I go up and went to the back to stretch my legs.

I had a look out of the window and thought it looked beautiful so I go my iPod to take a picture. Started taking the pics then saw the lights and took the pics. I saw them out of the window AND in the pictures. I genuinely don’t remember how they disappeared but I couldn’t see them again after a while (maybe 30 seconds). I remember wanting to tell someone but on a plane probably isn’t the best idea, I didn’t want to alarm anybody!

I spent a few mins looking back at the pics then went to sit back down

Window reflections? The Moon and/or other celestial objects? Not sure what we have here honestly.


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