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90+ year old grandma tells story of UFO landing in Indiana cornfields

February 1, 2013Comments No comments

This is the story of a UFO landing that took place in Logansport, Indiana in the 1890s. It is told by a 90+ year old woman who was a young girl at the time of the sighting. Her father and grandfather witnessed a silent craft landing in nearby cornfields, alien-looking creatures emerging and all.

When did the Wright brothers make their first powered flight? In 1903, if I’m not mistaken.

The video and report was submitted to MUFON back in 2011 and was recently dug up by Roger Marsh writing for the Examiner. It’s a great story told by an elderly woman who presumably has no reason to make things up.

This is a strange story but interesting none the less so I thought I should share it to see if anybody could do anything with it. I have a video tape of my great grandma from when I was kid. She was sitting around with her sisters talking about old stories from when they were kids. One sister started talking about a story her father, my great great grandpa made her promise to never talk about, but since she was over 90 years old she didnt think it mattered anymore. She was very flustered still just talking about it. The best we can tell, this event took place in the Logansport, Indiana area in approximately the 1890s or so, maybe earlier, maybe later.

My great Aunt was taking food to her father and grandfather working the fields all day as she did every day. She would take a horse and cart out to where they were working, have lunch, then come back home. On this particular day, she could not find her father, or grandfather. She then heard them yelling at her to get inside the woods nearby and hide. She complied and thats where they began telling her that they have been watching some sort of flying machine that didnt make any sort of noise flying around the field. They supposedly watched little people get out of the craft and take pieces of corn and soil, then they flew away. The uncle and father had been hiding in the woods for some time afraid to leave.

All the people in the video have now passed on, but my grandma who is now in her mid 80s, the daughter in the storys niece, gave me this tape because she was curious if I could find any other reports from that time frame of anybody reporting the same sort of thing. I have the tape of the story, and thats about it. Its just a story, but interesting.

Source: MUFON, case number 32747

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