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Airline pilot tells story of UFOs over New Mexico

January 8, 2013Comments No comments

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A blogger and commercial airline pilot who goes by the name of Ryan recently posted a story about encountering unidentified flying objects while flying over New Mexico, USA. It’s an interesting read!

Then straight up I notice something. One of the stars high above is actually moving. It is moving in the same direction as our aircraft but with frightening speed. It is obviously a satellite or the ISS, and a bright one too, passing west to east and illuminated by the sun like a magnificent diamond in a coal mine.

I continue to watch, and then it suddenly begins to make a rather sharp turn in the opposite direction. “Hey,” I say to my Captain while bumping his right shoulder with the back of my hand. “Look up,” as I point in the direction of the questionable object moving westward now. “You see that satellite right there? It just did a 180 and turned around. Can they do that?”

Read the whole story over at Ryan’s blog →

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