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Passenger films UFO on late-night flight from New York to Chicago

January 3, 2013Comments 2 comments
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A video allegedly taken just before Christmas during a late-night flight appears to show a UFO flying next to the plane. The video, posted to YouTube by Mauricio Ruiz, has the Internet buzzing.

Mr. Ruiz says he captured the footage on a flight from New York to Chicago on December 19, 2012. According to Mr. Ruiz, the footage has been sent to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for further review.

At first sight, one would think the object is one of the aircraft’s navigation lights, but as can be seen in the video, it is not. My second best guess would be a window reflection, but Mr. Ruiz’s description of the sighting does not fit that theory.

Any UFOEyes readers want to take a stab at this one?

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  1. To me, this looks like a reflection from inside the cabin, and Mr Ruiz’s efforts to disprove this have, if anything, the opposite effect. He also has a track record of posting easily-solved ‘mysteries’ on YouTube.
    A plausible explanation in this case is offered here, in the form of an overhead reading lamp:

    • Thanks for the link. That overhead reading lamp does indeed look like it could be the source of reflection seen in the window.

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