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Four UFOs filmed over Japan by airplane passenger

January 10, 2011Comments 5 comments
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According to the passenger:

I was heading home from England when I saw these lights out the window, they appeard to be much closer the the Plane than to the ground… “IF” they are ground lights they must be HUGE ground lights, you will notice that there is no reflection on the ground if this is the case ? We are at 40,000 feet.

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  1. My guess is fishingboats.

    • Same here. My first thought was that they might be those squid fishing boats with really bright lights.

      • On the fishing boats hypothesis:

        In recent decades squid boats are equipped with bright artificial lights attached to a cross-beam that extends on both sides of the boat. One single boat can carry several hundred thousand watts of incandescent light [...] The lights of these modernized squid fleets can be so bright that they are visible in satellite images of the ocean taken from 500 miles above the earth.

        (From here)

  2. If as the onboard information display says the flight is 8min 38sec from its destination, there’s no way it’s at 40,000ft. Descending through about 10,000ft is more like it – so the lights wouldn’t have to huge at all.

    • As he’s on a flight to Australia, I believe the time estimate is 8 hours 38 minutes.

      I don’t know, while watching the video again, and especially at around the 03:15 mark, I get the feeling that the lights are above the horizon, but it’s difficult to tell for sure.

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