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Military UFO secrets to be revealed in September, says Las Vegas museum

September 5, 2012Comments 2 comments

In a few weeks, on September 22, 2012, some kind of UFO-related secrets will be revealed at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, U.S. The alleged secrets will be revealed during a lecture that’s held as a part of the museum’s ongoing Area 51 lecture series.

Participants include five real heavy-weights in ufology:

  • Ret. Army Col. John Alexander: Former military insider who created Advanced Theoretical Physics – a group of top-level government officials and scientists brought together to study UFOs.
  • Ret. Air Force Col. Charles Halt: Former base commander of the RAF Bentwaters military base in England and vital eyewitness to the amazing UFO-related events at Rendlesham Forest in December 1980, where he believed the observed UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin.
  • Ret. Air Force Col. William Coleman: Former USAF bomber pilot, chief of Air Force public information and producer of NBC’s “Project UFO” series.
  • Ret. Air Force Col. Robert Friend: Former director of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book from 1958 to 1963.
  • Nick Pope: Former U.K. UFO desk officer.

“We looked at bringing in some people to talk about extraterrestrials and UFOs,” said museum CEO and executive director Allan Palmer. “Here, you’re getting a small number of participants, but high credibility people.”

Apparently, Nick Pope has promised to disclose “some hitherto unrevealed secrets of the British government’s UFO project.”

I’m not holding my breath for anything extraordinary to be revealed, but this might turn out interesting nonetheless.

(Via The Huffington Post.)

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  1. Why are we are we worried about what the British government has already disclosed to their people?

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