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UFO(s) reported over ballingry on unknown

July 23, 2012Comments No comments
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Sighting date: unknown Location: ballingry


at around 10pm i was walking with a friend when we saw a cigar shaped large craft with a blue hue around it we looked a t each other and without saying a word paniced a and san through an older couple who obviously saw what we saw and were walking in front of us we ran for around five minutes until we reached a high place but when we looked around there was no sign of the craft.we both went home and forgot about the incident.that is when it became a strange story because i had no recallection of this incident until a number of years later when watching the eamon andrews talk show he had a gest who was describing a smilar object then the memory clicked.then some months later i aproached the friend who really thought had been with me but didn’t have a clue what i was talking about so i was afraid to mention it to anyone again until one night i was with another friend and plucked up curidge to mention the incident when he said that he was the person who was with me and he had thought it was someone else who had been with him.very sorry about any grammer or spelling mistakes by the way but correspondance is not my strong piont. i am now 58 years old but the incident must have hapened in my early teans but due to the circumstances have no idea of dates.have ever heard of anyone with a similar tale of memory loss and confusion over details of who was there. thank you

Submitted by Anonymous.

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