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UFO(s) reported over mobile-semmes alabama on 1978-nov.2012

November 23, 2012Comments No comments
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Sighting date: 1978-nov.2012 Location: mobile-semmes alabama


I have seen so many UFO’s around here though the years,The first time I can remember I was about nine years old,lived off Moffat Road,it was in the middle of night,our dog was barking,I looked out the window,and what I seen,I havent seen since,right above the tree in the back yard it was this Ring shaped ufo,it had different colors of round lights all around it,the lights shined out all over the yard,then it started spinning slow at first,then so fast that the lights where all one volit color,I didnt run to my mom,because my step father wasnt very nice back then,the next day our dog was gone,she broke her chain,we found her a week later dead under the house.I have seen many of UFO’s that look like stars,that speed across the sky,like everyone ealse,but also have seen some at tree level,A couple years ago,me and my eleven year old daugther was driving down Wards Lane towards Schillingers,saw this ufo cross just above the trees,at first I thought it was a big,big plane fixing to crash into wal-mart,all we could see was the lights they where round and slowly blinking off,and on like it was going though fog,all the lights blinked together,and it moved very slow,this thing was as big as the whole road,then the trees got in our way to see,so when we got down to the red light at Schillingers,I turned Left to go see if I seen anything at Wal-mart,nothing was there,This is when I realized it was a UFO,I didnt think at the time,but it had know sound,I gave my daugther a pen,and myself,I asked her to draw what see seen,and so did I,when I looked at her drawing,she had two more lights then me,and that when she told me she seen it first,she said it came down fast,and stopped,then started moving slow,she was watching it out the window,I seen it when it was going across the road.I have seen two more at tree level in the past month,one on Schillingers,and one off 158,I was at Wal-mart last week taking pictures of the Metors,and there is round Orbs in the pictures,some of the pictures have two,and some have three,looks like there connected together.I have seen green glowing Orbs,and have a picture of one.

Submitted by Anonymous.

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