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Get the Rendlesham UFO binary code here

January 4, 2011Comments 13 comments

These are the first 5 pages from Jim Penniston’s Air Force notebook containing the binary code that he allegedly received while touching an alien craft in the Rendlesham forest. Hopefully we will see the rest of the pages in the near future.

The below images are from Linda Moulton Howe’s website. I have provided the binary numbers as plain text for each image. You can decode the binary code yourself using Nick Ciske’s web based binary conversion tool.

(reddit: Click here to view the raw binary code in text format)

Page 1: The exploration

Binary code on page 1:

01000101 01011000 01010000 01001100 01001111 01010010 01000001 01010100 01001001 01001111 01001110 01001111 01000111 01001000 01010101 01001101 01000001 01001110 01001001 01010100 01011001 0011011 0011011 0011011 00111000 00110001 00110000 00110000


Page 2: The coordinates

Binary code on page 2:

00110101 00110010 00110000 00111001 00110100 00110010 00110101 00110011 00110010 01001110 00110001 00110011 00110001 00110011 00110001 00110010 00110110 00111001 01010111 01000011 01001111 01001110 01010100 01001001 001 01001110

Direct translation: 520942532N13131269WCONTI)

Page 3: The planetary advance

Binary code on page 3:

01010101 01001111 01010101 01010011 01 01000110 01001111 01010010 01010000 01001100 01000001 01001110 01000101 01010100 01000001 01010010 01011001 01000001 01000100 01010110 01000001 01001110 00011100 100010 01000011

Direct translation: UOUSQ“Ô”S‘UT–PQS‡”C
If we remove the lone 01 in red, the translation reads: UOUSFORPLANETARYADVAN‰

Page 4: More coordinates?

Binary code on page 4:

01000110 01001110 101010101 01010010 01010100 01001000 01000011 01001111 01001111 01000100 01001001 01001110 01000001 01010100 01000101 01000011 01001111 01001110 01010100 01001001 01001110 01010101 01001111 01010100 01010101 01010001 01010011 10 01000011 011000101 01010000 01010010 01000010 01000101 01000110 01001111 01010010

Direct translation: FNª©*$!§§¢$§ª”¡§§*$§*§ª*¨©ÈlU$Tdõ

Removing the numbers in red gives us: FNªRTHCOODINATECONTINUOTUQSCbPRBEFOR

Page 5: End of transmission

Binary code on page 5:


Direct translation: E

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  1. Re: The Exploration.

    These are numbers with great Occult significance.

    666 is the number of the Beast 6+6+6=18, 1+8=9, 33 is the number of Christ 3×3=9 or 3+3+3=9, 8100 = 8+1=9, 9 is the number of Man. Hence both the Beast AND Christ dwell *within* Man. See the Rosicrucian knowledge.

    CEPR = Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response (?)

  2. Rendlesham, and Caldbeck
    OK, this is one to think about, the following is binary coding from the Caldbeck UFO crash back in 1954, which was also written down after the crash from a witness.
    011011000101111101000000101010010101101011001010011010001010101101011001010011010001 010101101011001010011010001011110010001011001110111111011010000000100110000101110
    If you take the top line of numbers, they are represented in the Rendlesham and not the Arecibo.
    If you then take the bottom numbers, they are on the Arecibo and not the Rendlesham.
    After decipher you end up with:

    Converted to Decimal.

    Now convert to co ordinates:

    45°45’45.45″N 0° 0’0.00″E
    54°54’54.54″N 0° 0’0.00″E

    Once you have done that on Google Earth, you will notice the shape as an obelisk, now draw diagonal lines from

    45°45’45.45″N 0° 0’0.00″E to 54°54’54.54″N 54°54’54.54″W and
    54°54’54.54″N 0° 0’0.00″E to 45°45’45.45″N 45°45’45.45″W

    You will now notice that Caldbeck is 13 mile from the line, and Rosslyn is 13 mile from the line in the UK
    You will also notice that in Nova Scotia Kolbec and Roslin, are 1.3 mile from each other.

    This is not all, but enough for now.

    Oh yes I forgot to mention, the Rosslyn co-ordinates that are on the Arecibo and not the Rendlesham, is 13 miles from the Apprentice pillar in the chapel, which reports the double helix same as the Arecibo, and also look at the Rosslyn Matrix and the obilsk.

  3. If this were truly alien in origin why is it in English? ASCII? Seems far too human to me.

    • When you consider that extraterrestrials have been coming to this planet for thousands of years, it’s not much of a reach that the message would be in English. If the person that made contact was from Berlin, I’m sure it would have been in German. The English language is not a very complicated form of verbal communication. As far as the binary, mathematics is the only true universal language.

  4. wow, it took those aliens no time at all to learn English AND decipher or GPS code PLUS its meaning.

    Even more remarkable is the fact that anybody was able to get even one word translate from the binary code. It is just impossible.

    The binary code was received as one sequence. When we look at our binary code BY CONVENTION we treat the code in groups of 8 (bits) (or depending on the hardware and the purpose of the code i.e. on HW level in groups of 4, 16, 32, 64,etc. But most commonly 8 bits per entity.

    THis convention can not be determined since it is just one sequence of zeros and ones. Furthermore in case we by some miracle would know the convention, so how many bits to one entity i.e. character or number, it still does not make sense it is in English. And why would it be in English, if, for arguments sake we’d say that we would be able to decipher it? Is the message addressed to us?

    Are they so smart to determine our binary computer code and code tables (i.e. ASCII), and the English language but FAIL to send a clear message to us what the hell it is that they want? The message that is presented as the outcome of figuring out the meaning of the sequence does not make enough sense for us to figure out what they want.

    Well, maybe it is us who are still not smart enough, but that makes them stupid for not anticipating that.

    as for looking for signs in it like the numbers 666 and 33.: what convention are you using? just a mix of which ever fits to get the message you want, it seems. Come on people, this way you can make such a message mean anything you want it to.

    But then again…
    If you have no hobby and no spouse, why not. :)

    • The binary in the notebook is subject to “noise” (Random fluctuations that obscure or do not contain meaningful data or other information) by the fact that the message was conveyed by Penniston’s spontaneous writing of a sequence of zeros and ones which he did not understand at the time were a code of any sort. He had no concept of binary code when he wrote down the numbers and it’s likely the stream of consciousness which inspired him to write the exact numbers he did were hence subject to random noise. Sure, what he wrote didn’t turn out to render a perfect message by your standards but it’s still quite remarkable and nonetheless significant what has been gleaned from the data all things considered.

  5. From what I can see, the descriptions seem to allude to a future unknown Earth spaceship (something like Star Trek Enterprise)with the inscriptions ‘Exploration of Humanity For Planetary Advancement’. Could this mean that our future Earth astronauts in the year 8100 AD travelled back into time to 1980AD in Rendelsham, England and are trying to communicate with present day Earth in a language most known to all–English & binary? We are being visited by NOT ancient astronauts but by FUTURE astronauts. It remains to be seen….

  6. Under hypnosis, when asked who the craft belonged to, Penniston said to the effect that they were from the future, that they were “us”. Think that we have only had technology for the past 100 years or less. Think of where we will be 100,000 years from now. 500,000 years from now? It would be amazing if we couldn’t travel through time by then…

  7. Personally I think the coordinates are inaccurate. I believe there are 2 extra digits in the N coordinate that dictate where the decimals are to be placed. Why anyone would do this, I have no idea. It makes no sense to me, but it fits I guess. Of the 6 coordinates that these numbers could be, I think this is probably the one that makes the most logical sense since it’s based on a formula rather than just a guess and mythical stories.

    520942532N 13131269W

    There are 2 extra numbers in N. So, remove those 2 numbers on the end. They just happen to be 3 and 2. Only one of the coordinates could possibly be 3 decimals, thus resulting in:

    52.09425N 131.31269W

  8. Oh ya, one other thing I forgot to mention. Using the formula above, one could assume that the coordinates were read backwards. In otherwords, I think the message was meant to be:

    13131269W 520942532N

    Who knows. There are lots of different things that these 01′s could be. Maybe it’s not even an 8bit system. Maybe its 16, 32, or more and it’s a shorter message like “You die now” rofl. It could be anything really.

  9. I have been intrigued with the Rendelsham incident as I have had similar things come to me by mental telepathy. This has been going on for years and have just now come to grips with it. The things that are similar; binary going thru my head but have no idea what it is for; they are “us” only on a different planet, and they are “time travelers”. So far no space ship incidents nor have I seen them – thank goodness. The only reason I’m sending this is to let you know there are others out there. By the way, I do get “told” things continually, usually about current to be happenings and they are usually correct it’s the timing that is the problem. Please don’t sent this on-keep it confidential if you can. I have to lead a “normal” life and have a husband that would not understand. Thank you…if I can be of help let me know.

    • Carol I’m really interested in knowing more and would love to discuss this with you. And I am being serious. Hopefully you still monitor this email address. Thanks

  10. Your a fucking tool carol.

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