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More information in the Rendlesham case

January 4, 2011Comments 6 comments

Jim Penniston has provided some answers to clear up the confusion about how many pages of code his notebook actually contains. This quote is from the Bentwaters 1980 forum:

Six pages werer given to Promethous for them to get an expert to see what they say…. I have around six to eight more… the reason i can not tell exactly is the notebook is secured at a safe location. and I have not access to it… but, soon will and will give an exact page count. Promethous also did not have all the translation nor did they show the right location on the grid… which looks to be the town hall in Woodbridge…

I think the message on Lindas Page which is far to important to overlook… look what it says, or even look at what it does not… this is an important piece of evidence, which says something so sensational that many miss the forest for the tree in front of them.

So that’s that.

Another thing that caught my attention is what user gmax111 over at the ATS forums stumbled upon while playing with the alleged coordinates in the message.

The first page of code contains the numbers 666 and 8100, followed by the coordinates on the second page.

Now, I confess this is like straight out of a sci-fi movie, but check this out — if you start at Woodbridge Town Hall (52.0942532 N, 1.3131269 W) and go 66.6 degrees for 8,100 meters, you end up exactly at RAF Bentwaters runway.

Click to enlarge

Intriguing, isn’t it?

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  1. I get that this is fun and intriguing, but fundamentally I think this is unfortunate. There is no legitimate discovery that can come from this, obviously it’s extremely odd that the notebook would surface after all these years.

    Not saying this guy’s making it up, but there is no way this can be verified and honestly, it detracts from the overall high credibility of the Brentwaters incident and other witnesses, including Lt. Col. Halt.

    • Yep, and the lack of information about the notebook is not helping the case at the moment. I hope that Mr. Penniston will release the rest of the contents and that a proper analysis is made of the ink and paper.

      That said, I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more about this new development.

  2. @ Gil

    Let’s just wait and see what they come up with. If we believe that Bentwaters did happen then we should give them some more time to decode whatever message they got.

    @ sceptics

    Jesus can’t be ferified as ever having existed yet billions believe in him.

    So if you want to be sceptic, be sceptic about everything and not just UFOs and ETs.

    • just because billions of idiots believe in religion has nothing to do with other people wanting actual proof of all this. remove the religious sceptics and you are still left with a bunch of sceptics that are also probably sceptic about religion for the same reason. what you say makes no sense.

      there are a lot of convincing people out there saying a lot of contradicting things over the last 50 years. from time travel to us just being one big old experiment to 20+ alien species on and around our planet and solar system.

      i think believing everything you read is kinda dumb. especially when a lot of it makes no sense. like why would he download this message in the first place, he wasn’t meant to touch the ship, so why would there be a message waiting for him or anyone? was this their plan? just hang around waiting for someone to touch the craft. would they not broadcast it to everyone? if he downloaded anything, the chances the message would be anything useful is pretty slim.

      but i agree 100% with your first paragraph. let’s wait and see what unfolds, it is still all pretty exciting.

  3. Even if they could get the rest of the notebook and carbon date it so that it was actually verified to be from the time of the incident, it still leaves the rather problematic fact that he received this code supposedly via telekinesis.

    As if we don’t have enough problems gaining credibility already with people. I just find this so unfortunate that he chose this long to “come forward” and in conjunction with a pretty terrible TV series (ancient aliens) to release this stuff.

  4. You are right. Ancient Aliens erodes his credibility. It is a terrible show.

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