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When image artifacts become UFOs

November 24, 2010Comments No comments

NASA runs several programs to study the sun. One of them is called STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory), and it’s particularly popular among a certain group of UFO enthusiasts. The images produced by the mission’s spacecraft are prone to artifacts and anomalies, which are interpreted in a myriad of different ways.

The video below is an example of this. Every now and then someone puts together a collection of images with artifacts and claim they are proof of an armada of UFOs orbiting the sun.

NASA has dedicated part of the STEREO website to explain how these image artifacts occur. Some are caused by the telescope optics, the cameras used to capture the images, or how the STEREO spacecraft are operated. Among the UFO crowd, NASA’s explanations are often perceived as either disinformation or part of a cover-up.

While reading up on NASA’s solar missions, I stumbled upon a great article about artifacts in the STEREO images. Blogger Adam M. Craven has written an acute analysis of the image artifacts and NASA’s official explanations. His conclusion? There is no cover-up.

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