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Day-time UFO filmed over Charlottesville, Virginia on January 27, 2013

January 31, 2013Comments 9 comments
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Around 4PM on January 27, 2013, a woman in Charlottesville, Virginia noticed a strange object floating in the air over her house.

She saw the UFO — which she describes as a silver colored object — moving up from behind the house across the street, while spinning left to right. She managed to record about a minute of footage before the UFO suddenly vanished.

Source: MUFON (case number 45480)

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  1. Balloon?

    • I saw it very close up and it was not a balloon. By the way I was the person behind the video cam.

  2. This is obviously swamp gass. Case closed.

    • No it was not swamp gass. Get a brain and use it! I was the one that saw and video taped it and swamp gas it was not.

  3. this be a gennuine ufo, last week i see one the same

    • Yes it was a real ufo sighting. I like to ask were your ufo sighting took place?

  4. I have also seen this UFO, I live like 5min away from this woman. but i think it was just some government device

  5. I was the person that saw and video taped this ufo, No it was not a balloon, not a jet, not a airplane, not anything I have ever seen.

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