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UFO(s) reported over Huddersfield uk on December 5, 2012

December 6, 2012Comments No comments
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Sighting date: December 5, 2012 Location: Huddersfield uk


I was in the bathroom and as it was in the night noticed it was unusually lit up. I looked out the glazed glass. Usual outdoor house lights. But there was a huge long kind of oval bright white light not moving up above the houses, not the usual direction of the moon nor the right shape. There was no sound and it was too big to be a police helicopter. I checked twice to make sure it wasnt an odd reflection. I didnt have a light on upstairs, just a yellow halogen heater so it wasnt reflection. I am a ufo skeptic so was thinking more in the lines of natural celestial occurrence. So went into adjacent bedroom to get a better view through clear glass but there was nothing there. I am starting to believe in ufos now as i cant explain it, never seen anything like that in my life! Was v surprised when found no other news about it in my area though it was in the night. Strange!

Submitted by Anonymous.

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