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U.K. Ministry of Defence used to spy on UFO groups, undermine witnesses

September 26, 2012Comments No comments

George Noory of Coast to Coast fame was present during the UFO conference hosted at the National Atomic Testing Museum last Saturday, and was quick to put together a short recap of some of the highlights. One thing that stuck out was former U.K. Ministry of Defence offical Nick Pope’s description on how they dealt with the UFO subject. Mr. Noory sums it up:

I’ve met Nick before, I’ve interviewed him, I like the guy and I think he brought a lot to the UFO subject and has helped to shed a lot of light on the subject, but I’ll tell you – this was not a likable presentation at all, because among the things he told us was how the Ministry of Defence sort of spun the story.

They would, if they’d get inquiries from the press, he said, they always made a point to mention little green men as a way to undermine the credibility of the whole topic, to make fun of UFO witnesses. He also told us that he basically spied on UFO groups, infiltrated UFO conferences and went to these places and kept tabs on them and made reports.

Now why would they do that?

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