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New Zealand to disclose UFO files this week

December 21, 2010Comments One comment

UPDATE: The files have been released and can be found here.

The Ministry of Defence of New Zealand announced on Tuesday that the country’s UFO files are to be made public this week. The files include every UFO sighting that has been reported to the authorities since the 1950s — more than 2,000 pages of material.

The files were initially to be made public in February, but the Defence Force intervened saying that personal identification information first needed to be removed in order to comply with the Privacy Act.

Kavae Tamariki of the Defence Force said they would not comment on the report’s content:

We’ve just been a collection point for the information. We don’t investigate or make reports, we haven’t substantiated anything in them.

So, have there been any notable UFO sightings in New Zealand since the 1950s?

Well, one of the most famous cases is the inexplicable radar readings over Kaikoura on December 21, 1978. No aircraft were cleared to be in the area at the time and the crew onboard a cargo plane reported that they were being followed by strange lights.

John Cordy, who was in the air traffic control tower on that night, says the phenomenon has yet to be explained:

It wasn’t a squid boat, it wasn’t Jupiter, it wasn’t Venus, and it wasn’t harbour lights. What it was I do not know.

The British UFO files were released in May 2008, and some claim they contained nothing exciting worth reporting on. Will we see the same here? [tinfoil hat on] A myriad of witness reports of blurry lights in the night sky, where all the juicy parts have already been removed in the name of the Privacy Act? [tinfoil hat off]

I guess we’ll know by the end of the week.

(Source: The Dominion Post)

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One comment

  1. Hello there from New Zealand,
    Nothing appeared on the mainstream TV news about the release of the files but there were some good articles in the Christchurch Press.
    The one major case that received huge coverage and was never explained adequately were the Kaikoura sightings where a film crew captured moving film of an object/s following the plane they were in and it was tracked by radar in Wellington and Christchurch. The files have a lot more information. It was one of those ‘we don’t know quite what it was, but we’ll throw every explanation in the book at it’, after ruling out those explanations various different planets, squid boat etc. An examination of several frames of the original film revealed a disc shaped object with a clear cupola on it.
    The press showed pictures of an out of fucus fuzzy blob back in the day and the public never saw the real good shots that Bruce Macabee examined in the USA. And where is that footage now ?
    (x-files theme music starts playin)…

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