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UFOs filmed hovering over local football stadium in San Antonio, Texas

September 24, 2012Comments 2 comments
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These three UFOs in triangle formation were filmed hovering over a local football stadium in San Antonio, Texas on September 20, 2012 at around 22:30 (10:30pm). It would be easy to dismiss them as stadium lights, but the way they move makes me think we’re possibly looking at something else here.

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  1. 30 min ago in san antonio I just saw 30 or more red /pink glowing llights in the y different formationsslowly assending then dissapeared over the ne side judson area

  2. sat night Dec 29 2012 sanantonio tx about 9:30 saw 6
    glowing balls ,south of town ..rell bright orange lights .
    they where like in a___L___,pattern..two of just vanished
    the other four did just right after ..this was rell ,never belived
    in flying objects from space ,but this was rell ,where not alone..

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