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Local artist behind the UFOs over American Fork, Utah?

February 20, 2011Comments 3 comments

Was a Lehi based artist responsible for the UFOs seen over American Fork, Utah in the end of January (see here and here)? ABC4 News has tracked down Andrew Smith, who says he is the man behind the mysterious lights. Apparently, all it took were some plastic bags, helium and maybe a flare or two.

Read the full story over at the ABC4 News website.

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  1. this guy has has found a perfect oppertunity to steal publicity from a genuine ufo sighting.he is unwilling to show or tell exactly how he did it which rings alarm bells for me.why so secretive and vague over helium filled garbage bags and flares.

  2. This guy is lying, notice how he looks UP and to the RIGHT meaning he is using his brains left hemisphere wich is the part we use for imagination, the fact that he looks up means he’s fabricating(imagining) as he speaks.

  3. Leaving aside the veracity or otherwise of this guy’s claims,it appears that the original YouTube poster now believes these were Chinese lanterns. See discussion at

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