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Free UFO eBook: Report on the UFO wave of 1947 by Ted Bloecher

September 21, 2012Comments No comments

The Rhodes Photo taken in Phoenix, Arizona on July 7, 1947

Report on the UFO wave of 1947 was written by Ted Bloecher back in 1967, but is still today considered one of the most important analyses of the numerous UFO sightings that were reported throughout the U.S. in the mid-1900s.

During the summer of 1947 a bizarre and inexplicable situation developed in North America for which, up to the time of the writing of this report, twenty years later, no satisfactory explanation has been forthcoming. Beginning in the latter part of June, people in widely separated places and from all walks of life began to report having seen shining, high-speed, strangely maneuvering objects in the sky. In most of these reports the objects were described as round or disc-shaped.

The UFO wave of 1947 began when pilot Kenneth Arnold witnessed nine disc-shaped, glowing objects flying over Mt. Rainier, Washington at tremendous speed. When Arnold landed he reported the sighting to the authorities, and within just days of the publication of his report, other accounts began to appear.

At least twenty people from more than a dozen widely separated places reported that they, too, had seen similar objects. Some of these sightings had occurred before June 24, some had been made on the same day as Arnold’s, and a few were made on the days following.

Check out the eBook for a complete analysis of Arnold’s sighting and the encounters that followed. You can download the complete book in PDF format here (2.7MB).

See also the Project 1947 website for more informtion about the 1947 UFO wave.

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