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Is National Geographic working with the CIA to cover up UFOs?

September 12, 2012Comments No comments

It may sound like a paranoid fantasy, but according to UFO researcher Robert Hastings it’s a legitimate question. In light of how Nat Geo shows like Chasing UFOs and Secret History of UFOs portray UFO reports and witnesses, Mr. Hastings says he can’t help but wonder:

At what point does the systematic presentation of half-truths and outright falsehoods about the UFO phenomenon cross the line from incompetent scholarship to intentional disinformation?


Given the extremely biased and propagandistic treatment of the UFO subject one consistently finds on Nat Geo, it might reasonably be argued that the network has been working behind the scenes with the CIA to debunk the phenomenon.

As an example he cites U.S. Air Force Col. Charles Holt who was interviewed as part of Secret History of UFOs and feels that the show did not accurately report his involvement with the now famous Rendlesham forest incidents of December 1980:

When I did the program for Nat Geo, they promised me it would be accurate and reflect what happened. I explained in detail why it couldn’t have been the lighthouse and all about the Air Force Air Traffic Controllers at the Bentwaters tower seeing the object visually and on the scope. I gave them many more details to substantiate the [reality of a UFO] event. They ignored all of this and instead focused on several questionable skeptics.

Robert Hastings is known for his extensive research into the UFO and nuclear weapons connection. Read the rest of Mr. Hastings lengthy account on the Nat Geo and CIA connection over at The UFO Chronicles.

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