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Amateur astronomer spots huge triangular UFO over Sheffield, UK

September 5, 2012Comments 2 comments

An amateur astronomer who calls himself The Apologist Ufologist tells the story about when he witnessed a huge triangular UFO over his home in Sheffield, UK, on April 25, 2009.

In his own words:

So what did it look like, this object over my home town of Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the UK? Well, I’ve made a graphical representation for illustration purposes above. It was about 2130h UT on Saturday April 25th, 2009. It was coming in cold had been excellent with few clouds, and I’d just packed up my large Newtonian reflecting telescope and deposited it, along with its eyepieces in the garden shed. The seeing infact had been excellent with few clouds and despite a changeable preceding day with heavy showers.

I was finishing my astronomical observations early as I was at work the next day. In political correct fashion before I retired into the house, I stood in the back porch doorway enjoying a late cigarette. All of a sudden above the apex of next door’s roof I noticed a large V-shaped formation of five orangy red lights evenly spaced slightly east of zenith and moving extremely slowly in a north west-south east direction. Mesmerised, I began to realise that the lights were actually attached to a single object as they moved in an unchanging and even distance from one another.

Read the whole story here, which is in itself a study on how to report a UFO sighting.

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  1. I have just seen something very similar to this over Stockport UK in the past half hour.

    There were 7-10 lights, so to speak, in a triangular but not regiment formation, travelling through the sky perpetually.

    What first alerted me to this was a passenger aircraft flying overhead, and my friend commenting on how clearly visible it was. You could count the windows on the side of the plane! I continued to look up into the sky at the stars and such when I noticed these “moving stars” and stopped on the spot. Now it’s not the first time I have seen something like this but it is definitely the first time I can say without a doubt that it was no optical illusion, not the clouds making it look like stationary stars were moving, not shooting stars, not any form of aircraft I have ever seen. This was a genuine collection of stars, lights, satellites, UFO’s who knows?

    Now the lights i saw were not orange, but white like stars. As said above they had a triangular or V shaped formation. This was the most similar description I could find and with it also being in UK, and quite locally in all honesty, thought I would share what I, well we really as I was with a friend, witnessed. No pictures unfortunately. Still maybe someone out there can give some information on this, or at least confirm it.

    Now I’m not at all into speculation, but I do keep an open mind. Facts are hard to find these days!

    • Hey, thanks for sharing. Sounds like an interesting sighting, albeit one those that raises more questions than answers. Unidentified triangular sightings seem to be on the rise.

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