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Triangular UFO or skydivers over Lake Elsinore, California?

January 13, 2011Comments 3 comments
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This UFO was captured over Lake Elsinore, California on January 6, 2011 at around 9:30 pm. UFO or skydivers? This is what the eyewitness has to say about the footage:

basically we were on the 15 fwy south by temescal canyon rd, i was sleeping and my mom n sis woke me up asking what was that in the sky, at first it looked like a meteor or something falling out of the sky when I was taking out my camera it split into 3 lights, news and 911 emergency said it was skydivers, if it were that must be some really bright glow sticks to see it from that far, I’ll let it up to you to make your own minds up….

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  1. Elsinore’s very popular with skydivers, some of whom like to go out at night. And as this local press article shows, they were out on the night in question:

  2. If it really was skydivers how come they where perfectly in the same position for a while and why didn’t they go all the way down to the ground they just stayed there? tell me that

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