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Webcam with panorama view of Jerusalem at time of UFO

February 2, 2011Comments 8 comments

The Jerusalem Weather Station over at 02WS (link) has two webcams showing a panorama view of the city. The old city of Jerusalem is visible from one of the webcams, and the weather station website keeps an archive of old images. The webcam captures an image once every 10 minutes.

This is what it saw on January 28, 2011, when the UFO was seen over Jerusalem. The old city is to the right in the image.

Unfortunately, the alleged UFO is nowhere to be seen. This doesn’t have to mean anything of course, as the webcam only gives us 6 snapshots per hour. But still, wouldn’t it have been immensely satisfying to at least get a blip in the sky? Oh well, the pursuit of truth continues …

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  1. All videos are fakes, less this.

  2. yep, they are fake, sadly

    • Things are indeed looking grim, aren’t they? Looks like the UFO year of 2011 has seen its first well-executed hoax. And it’s not going to improve come 2012… :-)

  3. It was Hammas….or is that Hamms…a beer refreshing?

  4. Actually, after I viewed this video I did notice something. Firstly, you’ve got to know what area your looking in. The Temple Mount area, from this view, is on the right side and is quite far away. Do me a favor. Try to pause the video at 00:57:59. You will notice, right above the spot where the Mount is, a light appears…disappears and then reappears at around 4:25 (when noone was awake to catch it).

    BUT…this could be an ordinary street light, building, etc….only problem is that I viewed every vide going back TWO MONTHS (I urge you to try it for yourself) and you will not see the same light EVER in this spot. So it cannot be a street light or building…and we know it is restricted air space so it is no helicopter. Again, the power of the video is in the fact that, on ANY other day, you will not see the same light at the same spot.

    • Hi Tony,

      Yeah, I know which light you’re referring to. I dismissed it as something in the city, but it is indeed interesting that it doesn’t seem to show up any other day.

      I was able to tap into the archive of the second webcam on the site as well, but it doesn’t show the area we’re interested in and the quality of that footage was really shoddy.

      There are some good webcams pointed right at the Temple Mount, and I’ve emailed a few of the establishments, but haven’t received any reply so far. I’m sure they have better things to do that going through their webcam archives looking for UFOs… :-)

  5. AND….BTW, the light just so happens to appear at roughly the same time the witnesses said they saw it. Go back for yourself & see if this light, in the area of the Temple Mount is ever seen again. Also keep in mind this thing only takes snapshots every 10 minutes.

  6. According to this site it DOES show up on a weather cam:

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