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Niagara Falls UFO debate is heating up

January 28, 2011Comments One comment

UPDATE: J.M. gives his response in the two videos below.

I’ve recently covered (here and here) the Niagara Falls UFO and the research carried out by a Swedish UFO enthusiast, who recently claimed to have figured out the phenomenon behind the elusive lights in the sky. Now, a local researcher speaks up, saying his work and findings have been plagiarized by the Swede.

I’m here making another video because my hands have been forced, as someone’s been stealing my ideas and I’m not very happy about that.

J.M.’s response — Video 1

Video 2

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One comment

  1. Sorry to see him act this way. He obviously put down a lot of time into this, and became furious when I presented a theory which covers pretty much everything. He claims he “told me everything”, yet doesn’t react when I send him two texts about discovering the same things he claimed he told me about. Then he claims he never got the texts, even though I prove they’re already billed to my account. I gave everyone the log in name and password so they could check it out themselves.

    So yeah. Case closed as far as I’m concerned.

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