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Heads-up: Penniston & Burroughs interview

January 12, 2011Comments 2 comments

Just a quick heads-up to remind everyone that Jim Penniston and John Burroughs will be interviewed by Angelia Joiner tomorrow at 8:30 pm EST (01:30 am GMT) on her show the Joiner Report. You can listen live at the Inception Radio Network website.

If you’re in Europe and don’t plan on waiting up, you can always get the recording from Mrs. Joiner’s audio archive after the show has aired.

Speaking of Rendlesham — is Steven Spielberg thinking about making a movie about the incident? The below document was recently posted on the Rendlesham Facebook fan page (and should probably be taken with a grain of salt).

Click to enlarge

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  1. You have no right to post this interview on your site I have copyright to it and nobody ever asked to published it. Take down asap

    • Sorry I was told you posted the file thanks for the plug sorry

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