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Did NASA admit to the existence of so called ‘orbs’ back in 2006?

February 8, 2013Comments No comments

On February 1, 2003, space shuttle Columbia disintegrated on re-entry, killing everyone on board. During the investigation of the accident, it was established that a piece of insulating foam from the external fuel tank had peeled off during the launch 16 days earlier and struck the shuttle’s wing. During the intense heat of re-entry, hot gases penetrated the interior of the wing, destroying the support structure and causing the rest of the shuttle to break apart.

Unidentified object seen floating past space shuttle Atlantis in September 2006.

That is why, in 2006, when space shuttle Atlantis flew the first mission after the destruction of Columbia, NASA was extremely careful and rigorous in its security approach. Naturally, the mission was heavily covered by the mainstream media because of shuttle Columbia’s earlier misfortune.

So, when unidentified objects were observed floating past space shuttle Atlantis during its mission, it was a big deal to everyone involved and — boom — the media had a great story to focus on.

Among other news stations, FOX News covered the story and in the segment below we hear the reporter speak about those unidentified objects:

NASA admits they may never know exactly what the unknown objects are, but confirms the shuttle is ready to handle the 3,000 degree temperatures it will meet as it re-enters the earth’s atmosphere.

Later on, NASA’s space shuttle program manager, Wayne Hale, says:

[...] over the years, we have chased many, many, many of these things, maybe not with the visibility that this one has gotten and rarely, if ever have been able to pinpoint exactly where they came from and always finding that it didn’t pose us any hazard.

It is this quote that has UFO believers jumping to conclusions. Taken out of context, it does sound like Mr. Hale confirms the existence of unknown “things” that NASA has been trying to figure out for a long time. In part, that is true, but it’s not ‘orbs’ he’s referring to. He’s talking about pieces of equipment, tools, and other parts of the shuttle that routinely falls off and that they always try to identify, but rarely manage to pinpoint exactly where they came from.

But then again, NASA — Never A Straight Answer — right?

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