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Mysterious booms heard over Indianapolis, USA on January 7, 2013

January 10, 2013Comments One comment

Indianapolis, USA. A series of mysterious booms were heard over Indianapolis, USA around 00:14 (12:14 am) on January 7, 2013. Officials say there were three big ones in total.

The eyewitness and his family did not catch the first boom on tape, only heard it. After the first boom, the witness grabbed his phone to record the sirens outside. This is when he was able to catch the two last booms.

The last boom shook their home and was so hard it cracked a window.

What could be causing these loud booms? Jets going supersonic?

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One comment

  1. Finally Indiana is forming its own research and investigation headquarters. You can search UFOIndiana on google. You can also go to facebook and search indyufo. We have videos, comments. support from Internationally known UFO researchers. As well as offer suppport and knowledge to those that have experienced a close encounter. Educate yourself.

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