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The Baltic Sea anomaly – another piece of the puzzle?

January 8, 2013Comments 12 comments

Remember the circle-shaped anomaly that was found by Swedish treasure hunters on the bottom of the Baltic Sea last year? At the time, several theories were proposed as to its origin (crashed UFO, Russian submarine trap, ancient temple grounds etc).

However, after making big headlines and being heavily promoted for a few weeks, interest in the anomaly quickly diminished when it became clear that it was simply a fancy rock formation.

UFOEyes’ take on the anomaly was, and still is, that it’s a piece of a meteorite that crashed not far from where the anomaly was found. This is what we wrote back in June last year:

So, it has now been confirmed that the “anomaly” is not of extraterrestrial origin. Or is it? Maybe, but not in the shape of an extraterrestrial craft. See, the characteristics of the “anomaly” would suggest that parts of the clay bottom has at some point solidified and turned into a cement like material. One theory is that this occurred when a meteorite hit the Earth’s crust.

Interestingly, not far from the supposed location of the “anomaly”, a large meteorite hit the Earth about 1000 million years ago. The bay of Lumparn in the Åland Islands is a 9 kilometer wide impact crater.

Now, just a couple of weeks ago, the Ocean X Team gets back to us with information about the stone samples they collected during one of their dives.

Now we have an answer from the sampling of the stone … stone has been exposed to a very high heat … 1200 degrees hot. This may mean that the whole object has had the temperature at some point. Note geologists say that there is no volcanoes there.

This is interesting and would suggest that the anomaly indeed could be more than glacial rocks that have been dragged across the ocean floor. So, let’s see — subjected to 1,200 degrees of heat, no volcanoes in the immediate area, not a UFO…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — it’s a slab of meteorite.

A meteor moving through space typically travels at speeds reaching tens of thousands of kilometers per hour. When the meteor hits the atmosphere, the air in front of it compresses incredibly quickly. When a gas is compressed, its temperature rises. This causes the meteor to heat up so much that it glows and re-entry temperatures can reach as high as 1,650 degrees Celsius.

This particular meteorite has a confirmed crash site not far from the anomaly and the anomaly itself has all the characteristics of a downed space rock.

It’s unclear whether we’ll ever find out for sure though. There was always plans to make a documentary and it’s now in its final production stages, but so far the Ocean X Team has shown a remarkable ability to come up with half-truths and vague statements to lure in unsuspecting believers to its small but devoted fan base.

As the saga continues, my prediction is that any answers given will slightly defy common sense and give rise to more questions — and more opportunities for the treasure hunters to make a buck.

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  1. Sounds plausible.

  2. I used to be a follower of the baltic anomaly since the beggining, the real problem they are having now is credibility. The mainstream media and general public believe for the most part that what this is, is a fabricated hoax because of natalie wolchover’s articles I don’t even believe that most think the anomaly could be a real rock formation, let alone a meteorite crash.

    I used to support the whole anomaly thing, but without hard evidence such as additional side scan sonar images, more importantly data from 3rd parties. It is a waste of time, we don’t even know the anomaly is real could just be made up photo-montage of different images.

    If they could even prove that the anomaly exists as an interesting looking rock formation, or even meteorite crash, that to me would still be worth something, alot more than what it is worth now.

    They absolutely need to publicaly disclose the exact coordinates of the anomaly to save it at this point, and additionally they should have brought skeptics on board their ship, even if they disagreed with whatever hypothesis in the end, atleast they would have been useful enough to verify the reality of an actual anomaly and debunk claims of hoax etc…

    But right now the only way for them to save this situation is to just simply disclose the exact co-ordinates to the general public. Atleast somebody who knows how to

  3. cont -> gather evidence in a way that makes sense, the blue-view sonar images only show what is possibly the interior of the object, but what about the round circumference edge of the object that shows it is a circle?

    There is no macroscopic view of the object that could confirm everything they are saying about it, without proof every word they say is meaningless.

    sorry what i’m writing is not to detract from your article but to give criticism to how the ox-team is handling this mess.

    That’s not possible to do on their web-page or to even make objective criticism on BARG their enemies. I am relegated to posting here because both groups have no concept of free-speech or non-bias posting.

  4. Check out the previous dive videos. I got the location in degrees off a monitor and put it slap bang in the middle of the sea.

  5. I think he’s referring to the mystery beneath trailer that is on youtube, it shows a monitor screen that has coordinates on it that show what might be the approximate location of the anomaly.

    I’m pretty sure peter is referring to that, but really what I was referring to is making a public disclosure on an official basis (twitter, facebook, website) not an anonymous tipoff that has no accountability from the team itself.

    Another way to solve this problem is to resolve some of the dispute and ill feelings exchanged with BARG, enough to invite somebody there to take a little tour of the anomaly and prove to everyone that they are wrong about it being a hoax. A move like this this will erase all doubt from anyone’s mind about it’s authenticity. They could also invite a credentialed scientist on board, but let’s face it the chances of that I think are lower than the idea I just mentioned. But it would be great if they could put something like this together.

    but i’m willing to bet that neither is going to happen, and we will be left forever in doubt as the anomaly becomes obscure and forgotten. The anomaly is enertaining and worth following in a ‘light’ way if you treat it as fiction, but it does make me feel a little sad about some of the good members that have invested so much of themselves in the anomaly, when the reality hits them they are going to be in for some major disillusionment.

  6. I thought if the possibility that there might be oil below the location where this strange anomaly is located it would justify drilling down through the rock formation and see if something is exposed. They would get samples in the course of drilling and possibly find oil below.
    of course this is just conjecture.

    • Lol… “Must… Have… Oil…” The American dream, more oil! Such a shame.

  7. First and foremost, I must say that this is the most logical answer I have come across in my hours of web research on this topic. I must ask however, hypothetically of course, that if a “UFO” were to slam into our atmosphere, would it not reach the same temperatures as a meteor would when entering the atmosphere? I am a skeptic by nature I will admit, this is why I ask. Isn’t this an argument a UFO enthusiast would make? Now don’t get me wrong, On any subject of controversy I choose the side with the most logical, obvious answer from the information proven by factual evidence… But it just seems to me that this artical only explains that the object came from space, got extremely hot, and crash landed at the bottom of the sea. Still looks like good odds for both sides of the debate to me.

  8. Let’s bring it up and see it on the surface. :)

  9. We agree entirely the anomaly is a hoax we have experts now looking at the image converting it to xtf format we have created a facebook group exploring the possibility of this being a hoax please feel free to join . The baltic anomaly ocean explorers -a scam?

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