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Track ships close to the Baltic Sea anomaly in realtime

June 4, 2012Comments No comments

This map from shows AIS (Automatic Identification System) equipped ships close to the supposed location of the Baltic Sea anomaly (which local divers say is somewhere in the middle of the map below). The Ocean Explorer’s ship the Ancylus is not required to have an AIS transmitter due to the ship’s small size, but even if it would, as treasure hunters they would probably have it turned off anyway. That is why we won’t be able to track their ship on this map.

However, one might glean some insight into the happenings surrounding the anomaly by looking at the map. There have been some activity close to the supposed location of the anomaly involving survey ships specializing in hydrographical measurements (i.e. bottom measurements, with particular emphasis on marine geographical features). Of course, this might be routine operations, but is still noteworthy.

The military exercise that some refer to in relation to the Ocean Explorer’s mission is called BALTOPS. It’s an annual exercise that’s been going on since 1971. And while the Baltic Sea may seem a small place, the BALTOPS exercise is nowhere near the supposed location of the object (it’s happening in the south of the Baltic Sea). The news floating around about the military blocking the Ancylus from entering the area of the anomaly is false. It’s simply an erroneous Google translation of an interview one of the team members gave before they left harbour (coupled with some sensationalistic writing).

Read more about the Baltic Sea anomaly here. We also have a forum thread dedicated to the mission.

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