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Two glowing orb-like UFOs filmed over Phoenix, Arizona

September 20, 2012Comments 5 comments
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On September 18, 2012, two glowing orb-like UFOs were captured on video over Pheonix, Arizona. According to the the eyewitness:

My neighbor came and knocked on my door and was freaking out saying something about UFO’s, I walked out front and saw two orange orbs floating over the city, they definitely weren’t planes. I ran inside to grab my camera but when I got back out they had disappeared, my neighbor said she saw them go out like someone switched out the light.

After a few minutes she went back inside, I continued to look for them and saw them reappear in a different part of the sky and thats when I started filming. Around 3:30 they both disappear as a plane approaches and then one of them reappears in a different spot.

Maybe theres an explanation, but as of now they’re unidentified….

Flares, lanterns, planes or something else entirely?

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  1. Hello, My name is Snow and I am a Field Investigator with MUFON. I am wondering if you reported this to the MUFON site or not. I have a case the same night at midnight with similar description.
    I would like to speak to whom ever shot this video.

    Snow [email protected]

  2. Saw the same thing tonight over Long Beach ca there was 6 of then….

  3. I took 5 photos …….when I switched to video on my phone they where gone…

  4. Hi,
    In the video is the audio.
    In the audio there are electromagnetic voices with messages!

    These voices tell:
    ———–”We are here infusing LOVE AND FREEDOM to sad hearts, those whom need to feel loved and want to feel free to Love. Tonight is Tuesday and people is falling asleep, beginning their sleeping journey, perfect time for us to be here and make them feel protected. We Are The Love of God. God Love Pink Gold Flame.” —————

    They are Lady Rowena, Director of The Pink Flame and Victor, They are The Flame of LOVE and Freedom/Liberty.
    Victor is Kumara of Venus, their Elohim is Orion and Angelica his Love Partner.

    Pink Flame is one of the most valuable and important GOD aspects. The priority activity sustaining The Universe over it’s bases, because without Love there would be no cohesion and without cohesion, The Universe cannot exist.

    Love makes cohesion, unity, builds, bonds, and it’s opposite destroy harmony, destroy, separates.

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