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GCF: Contact—Learning from Outer Space presentation videos now online

March 31, 2011Comments One comment

Remember the Global Competitiveness Forum? This is what I wrote about it in late January:

The Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) is an annual conference held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where international business and political leaders meet to discuss the global economy and other financial topics. Past meetings have included speakers such as Tony Blair, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and a host of other well-known leaders.

The UFO connection?

This year’s conference includes a panel session called Contact: Learning from Outer Space, featuring ufologists Stanton T. Friedman, Jacques Vallee and Nick Pope, among others.

A couple of weeks ago the videos of the presentations were made available on the GCF YouTube channel. Pretty interesting stuff.

Jacques Vallee (Wikipedia)

Stanton Friedman (Wikipedia)

Michio Kaku (Wikipedia)

Nick Pope (Wikipedia)

Zaghloul El-Naggar (Wikipedia)

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One comment

  1. Very interesting to watch all of them. Many interesting points in them. I just wish they would have these kind of high profile meetings more often.

    Thanks for posting them all in one place!

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