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Best Evidence: Top Ten UFO Sightings

February 10, 2011Comments 2 comments

Here’s another UFO documentary that was recently made available in its entirety — Best Evidence: Top Ten UFO Sightings, made by Paul Kimball of Redstar Films.

It documents the ten best UFO cases in history, as voted by some of the world’s top UFO experts. The film features Stanton Friedman, Mac Tonnies, Don Ledger, Nick Pope, Bruce Maccabee, Col. Charles Halt, Brad Sparks.

It originally aired on Space in Canada, and TVNZ in New Zealand – I’m happy to be presenting the complete original version on-line for the first time (a new, enhanced version is in the works this year).

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  1. Thank you very much for your work and for sharing it with us. It is important for all of us who have seen this objects and cannot tell everybody about it in order not to bee seen as a freak.

  2. I always believe from my school days that we are not alone in this universe. Only the fools can think our single existence in the vast universe. what I have seen in these videos of Top Ten UFO sitings, I believe are absolutely true

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