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UFO filmed over Nazca Lines, Peru?

January 2, 2011Comments 3 comments

The new year is already treating us to some interesting UFO footage. The video below was shot on January 1, 2011 over the Nazca Lines in Peru.

It’s captured through the window of a small Cessna aircraft by a tourist viewing the famous lines from above.

The alleged UFO comes into view at 03:28 when the aircraft is passing through some rain clouds. The person filming didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until he returned to his hotel room later in the morning and viewed the video.

The above image is a contrast-enhanced still frame from the video.

Watch the video below and jump to 03:28 to see the actual UFO footage. What do you think? A break in the clouds or something more tangible?

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  1. It looks very like a break in the clouds to me. All kinds of things when slowed down and magnified (especially from quite poor imagery) can appear to be something they’re not. One thing that can be nailed straight away is the assertion in the video that it never rains in the area. It rarely rains, but there is archaeological evidence that the Nazca civilisation was itself wiped out by flooding: and floods in February 2007 washed out part of the nearby Pan-American Highway. It’s also common for rain at altitude to evaporate before it reaches the ground.

    • Yeah, I’m sticking with the break in the clouds theory. And as someone pointed out, the still frame analysis contains way too much information to come from the actual video itself.

  2. Yeh, im sticking with the break in the cloud explanation. I would very much like to sleep at night and go about my life without having to worry about anything unexplained like a possibility of a saucer up there somewhere. no, no, no! weather balloons!!!(with my eyes closed and my hands over my ears.

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